Prepare Well

To get the best out of your portrait session here are some useful tips from my portrait experience. This advice is based on frequent questions asked by my clients. If you have any specific questions please call or email me directly.

Firstly the studio session. I allow about an hour, any less and it gets to intense especially if there are young children in the group, and any longer and the smiles become false! My aim is to capture as natural expressions as possible. This time will allow for a number of setups, ie individual child photos, with siblings and with parents or grandparents. I can discuss your requirements and if you have any specific ideas or setups you would like in addition.

What to wear is usually one of the first questions. Clothing is very important, but it is also important that you feel comfortable. Clothing sets the mood of the portrait. There are no rules about what you wear, but it is important that should you choose formal then all the group is formal, and one person is not in jeans & trainers or vice versa. If you like a casual look where everyone is in white tops and pale jeans or chinos then having one person in black will not give the overall result you may have envisaged. Lay out all the groups clothes to ensure they blend and work together. Try and avoid high fashion clothing as classic clothing will not date as quickly. Pastel colours work well with babies and children.

If you decide on a colour portrait, think about where you plan on hanging the portrait. Will the colours you choose for the clothing suit the location of the portrait. Try to avoid branding logos and busy patterns. If in doubt always bring a change of clothes and this will add to the variety to your final selection of photos.

For children bring their favorite toy, musical instrument and dress up costume or ballet dress.

Hair & Make-up: For women, get ready as if your going out, – hair the way you like it , and make up, and your favorite feel good outfit. Try and avoid heavy or shiny makeup, and new hair styles! For men – shave if you normally do and your feel good casual clothes, to ensure you relax and get the best out of the session.

Quite often parents arrive and have no intention of joining the children in the portraits. But as the session progresses and there’s lots of fun a decision to jump in is made – so come prepared!